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Plotting a course for your future couldn’t be simpler. Use to search and compare accredited courses from a range of higher education course providers. Choose the course that suits you best and apply online., the simple way to get ahead in your career.

This page contains help articles for the most popular activities a user can perform on Bluebrick. We also have a F.A.Q which will be updated frequently with the most popular questions we get from users. F.A.Q

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1 - What is is a website setup by the 14 Institutes of Technology to promote the various types of flexible learning available within the institutes and a range of other higher education course providers

2 - How is different from the CAO?

The CAO mainly handles applications for full time undergraduate courses. mainly handles applications for part-time, flexible and post graduate courses

3 - What is flexible learning?

Flexible learning is a term used to describe a variety of “non-traditional” courses provided by academic institutes. Flexible learning covers; part-time, evening, online and distance courses.
View our Flexible Learning page for more datails.

4 - What can I do with

With you can search for flexible learning courses from across the 14 Institutes of Technology and a range of other higher education course providers. You can save courses you’re interested in for later and you can review and compare those courses. Finally you can get details of who to talk to about a course and if your happy with your choice apply online.

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1 - Are all Institute of Technology courses on

Only those courses that are in some way flexible are on We already have over 250 flexible learning courses on and will be adding more over the coming months.

2 - Are all courses on accredited?

Yes, all courses on are accredited.

3 - Who can I talk to about a course?

Each course listed on has a contact details sections which lists the name, phone number and email address of someone within the Institute who will be able talk to you about that course.

4 - Do I have to pay to apply for a course? will not charge you to apply for a course. An institute may however require a deposit be submitted with your application. This deposit is paid to the institution directly.

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1 - Is there anything else I require to submit my application?

Sometimes an institute will request that you submit documents like your birth certificate or photo id with your application. Each institution has different requirements but you will be informed about what is required when you apply.

2 - Can I submit required documents online?

Some institutes will accept scanned copies of required documents online. We are working with the remaining institutions to allow submission of more documents online in the near future.

3 - I don’t have access to a scanner; can I still submit required documents in the post?

Yes, you can submit required documents in the post. Please include your application reference number on the envelope you submit your documents in.

4 - Can I submit my application online before submitting required documents in the post?

Yes, you can submit your application online before submitting required documents. However you will have to provide the required documents before the institute to which you applied will process your application.

5 - What happens to my application once I apply?

After you submit your application will send you a confirmation email with an application reference number. will then send your application to the institute you applied to. That institution will then contact you directly about your application.

6 - What is the registration fee for?

This is the fee that you will have to pay the institute when you start a course if your application is successful. This fee is paid directly to the institution not to The institution will contact you with details of how to pay this fee.

7 - Who assesses my application?

Your application is assessed by the institute, does not assess applications.

8 - Can I apply for multiple courses?

Yes, you can apply for as many courses as you like, however, you can only register for one course at a time.

9 - I submitted an application through, who do I talk to about it?

If you log into your account, you can view all applications you have submitted in the submitted applications page. You can then click on the inquire button to send an email to the relevant institute. Alternatively you can call the admissions contact for the course quoting your application reference number.

10 - Can I save an application and complete it later?

Yes, if you need more time to complete your application you can save it to your saved applications page and then resume it later by clicking the resume button.

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1 - What is a programme?

A programme is academic speak for a course. On some parts of the site you will see course and programme used interchangeably.

2 - What is a module?

A module is a component of a programme or course. There will usually be several modules within a course. Each module will deal with a particular subject.

3 - What are ECTS credits?

ECTS credits are earned for each module or programme completed. For each module or programme you complete you accumulate ECTS credits. See

4 - What is an NFQ level?

The NFQ level allows you to compare qualifications across institutes both nationally and internationally. For more details visit our About NFQ page